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2010 GOALS

I jump between thinking resolutions are silly and spending a lot of time thinking about them :)
*First I made a list (in my head) of all the things I'd like to get done. . .but really, I don't want to spend an entire year getting them done -- mostly I want them done NOW. But again, that's not realistic and having a list helps to focus me.
*Then earlier this week a friend on FB posted this:
"Matthew 9:37: The Harvest is Great, but the workers are few -- how is your New Years Resolution going to Glorify the Lord?" and that changed my perspective immediately! As of that point, I didn't have too many things that pointed to the Lord and really, isn't that where all Christians should be focused? So thank you, Chris, for "righting" my thinking. That's what brothers and sisters in Christ are for!
*And then last night I was with a friend who is "so busy I haven't had time to think about it" but my opinion is you have to have a PLAN otherwise you let life control you instead of controlling your life. (O.K., O.K., GOD controls my life, but I control my attitude, how I react to His lead, His blessings.) One thing my friend knows she wants to do this year is have a garage sale and I thought "Hey! I could have a monthly goal to achieve each month this year. . .and March will be getting ready for an April garage sale. . ."
So. . .with those jumbled thoughts out there, here are my 2010 GOALS:
January:Years ago I read a great idea about saving Christmas cards and each week pulling one out and devoting that week for praying for that person/family. I have never done it and will this year!!! In addition, I'd like to do a random act of kindness for that family or have our family write a real and true letter that is delivered by SNAIL MAIL to them.
February: Complete The Family Road Map. Unfortunately we can't attend a workshop to complete it but we do have the workbook and I've read it. . .but as with anything it doesn't do any good to just read about something. . .you have to ACT on it. This will be my birthday month goal.
March: Do something about this:It is our upstairs bonus room. We have NO STORAGE in this house and so I have a room that I pile things in. . .funny enough I do know what most of it is and a lot is stuff I use or out-of-season stuff. . .but still. . .this room is my biggest hurt. I don't like it. And don't want to wait until March to do something but I'm trying to stay realistic too.
April:Finally have these taken care of. I was doing them one-at-a-time because we use them *all* the time but then it got cold and, per usual, I didn't finish. Ideally these will be done way before April but this is their month assignment. I figure I'll be neck-high in school work by then (my grad school's term goes through May) so I need something "light" but a goal all the same. Of course the tops need to be recovered too, which is something I shy away from. . .anything fabric/sewing. I know what fabric I'll be using and have the paint for the stool. . .it's all about completion. . .
May: Sponsor a Compassion Child. I know, I know, why wait until then??? Because NOTHING will happen if I overload myself now. This is on my "list" and continues to stay in my heart but I want my children to *really* know and understand what we are doing and be a part of writing the letters and praying for our child. So this sponsorship is very important to me and if we do it earlier, than that's great. But if I make it a 2010 goal and give it an assigned month than it's more likely to happen. Thank you Kelly and Ree for bringing Compassion to our family's attention.
June: To be more healthy. Hopefully in 6 months I will have lost these holiday pounds (I can thank my OH family for that!!!) and will be drinking more water. . .but if not, June will be my reminder to get back on the ball and figure something out. We will be vacationing at the end of the month with all 5 grandparents so it would be great to be where I want to be body-wise by then!!

I think I'll stop at 6. I still have many more things in my head but am hoping that they will "fit in" someplace here or I'll re-visit in June and give them a place then. . .mostly projects around the house (painting the front door, changing the color of the livingroom, after 3 1/2 years finally decorating our bedroom, getting more involved at church, nightly family devotionals -- which we have started already, meal planning, scrapbooking, journaling. . .)

One thing I've learned about moving away from big city is to slow down and ENJOY our time. If every person is equal in the world on one thing it is time. You've heard the phrase "show me your checkbook {or CC statement, whatever} and I'll show you what is important to you", meaning you spend your money on what is important. . .I think the same goes for time. . .being away from the "have to do, have to go, must attend" mentality of what was our suburbia life along with no television service has really given our family the TIME to bond and connect and be together.

Needless to say, having a long to-do list does not make us more effective and productive, but having a realistic goal list gives us accountability and a sense of accomplishment. And remember everything else you're doing. . .for me that is wife, mother, laundress, main kitchen/grocery person, student, employee. . .and all these roles are important enough that I need to be careful that anything I "add in" compliments and does not take away from those roles I already have.

Happy 2010!!! May each day be a blessing. . .full of God's faithfulness. . .and not taken for granted.


  1. your Christmas card prayer idea... thanks for sharing... Happy New Year to you! ~ kim

  2. What a fabulous idea to have a resolution for each month! I like it. And great goals too! I was blog hopping off of comments at We Are That Family. A pleasure to meet you!
    Happy New Year!


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