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Another season behind us. . .

We are back home after a whirlwind few days. It's always so nice to go "home" and see everyone and eat well and visit and relax. . .and then it's so nice to come back HOME and step back into our season of life as 6.

We almost always have discussions about why we live here and everyone else lives there when we get home. And they go something like this: "We left because you wanted to" "You like your job here better" "Are we depriving our children of their grandparents by not being closer?" "I love the weather here -- hate the weather there" "We like the peace and isolation from the 'real world' that we have here" "We don't like not having the opportunities for our children that bigger cities have" "I like getting out of that traffic -- I always forget how bad it is" "I wish I was there to help. . .but know it's good that I'm here or it would consume me" "I wish we lived closer to family" "I like having it be 'just us' at this time in our children's lives. . .we're a closer family because of it" "We have the lake here" And on and on. . .no questions are ever answered and nothing is ever resolved but we do know that we are here and the Lord has a plan. (The "I" statements above are not all me & not all Tom, just usually how it comes out.)

So. . .this will be an interesting year to journal about. I think we will be in a different place (not physically, I don't think) this time next year and that is something to look forward to. My brother and his wife are planning on leaving our hometown this year too. . .they just sold their house. My sister-in-law just got a new job out west where she lives and although it's in the same city she's been in for a decade she will attempt to move out on her own (she's always had roommates). My nieces are 5 & 8 so of course things will change for them as they learn and grow. My mom was widowed 18 months ago and needs to move out of the house she's in because it's too much for her to take care of. We are also praying for her health to improve. And there are always the unexpected surprises that come up in friend's and family's lives. . .job changes, babies, new homes, and new ventures. Those are always fun for me to keep up with too!!!

So. . .as we embark on a new year, God willing, we will change and grow and explore new opportunities for ourselves and our family. My prayer is that friendships we currently have will grow and mature, new friends will come into our lives, family members that do not know Jesus will meet Him this year, and that we continue to move forward with the Cross always in front of us.


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