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Season of Motherhood II

I was 23 months into my new season of motherhood when we were blessed with our second, a daughter we named Marie.
She was named in part for my dear grandmother who had passed away the year before. Everyone thought she was going to be a boy (we didn't find out) but I didn't like the boy name we had picked out (Jason Cooper) so it all worked out!!! One of my most vivid memories was the second day of her life while I was in the hospital bed and Tom was sitting next to me holding her. "What do you think she'll grow up to be?" I asked. He responded with traditional vocations that people in our immediate family held: "a teacher or a doctor maybe?" I said to him, "What about an engineer?" He kind of chuckled but seeing as HE is an engineer and his father too I just wondered why that wasn't forefront on his mind too. Interestingly enough, she is most bent to that career at the ripe old age of 9 :) She has an aunt who is a physician, an aunt who is a veterinarian, an uncle who is a nurse, a grandfather with a master's degree in mechanical engineering, a grandmother with a master's degree in mathematics, a mother who is a former math teacher and a father who can fix ANYTHING put in his path. She definitely has the genes for science-based career path, if that is what she chooses. My hope for her is that she knows Jesus as her personal Savior and strives to live each day of her life for Him. That is really all that is important. He will guide her to use her skills for Him, of that I am sure.
These days she is playing soccer. She loves the sport (like her brothers) and works hard at it.

She has also taken to drama this year and went to a week-long drama day-camp in our town this summer.
Currently she has a lead role in an after-school music program that a local church does as an outreach once a week. I DO NOT want to re-live my childhood through her, but drama is something that I always kind of wanted to be a part of. . .so I do encourage this path for her as long as SHE enjoys it!!!

And although she is not a skier like her older brother, she does like to go tubing!! (Above with her cousin and below with her sister.)

So that is an introduction to my blond-haired, blue-eyed angel. She loves Colin Raye's song that says "big blue eyes and a heart of gold" (of course she doesn't understand the meaning behind the song but that phrase is special to her). That is my window into her heart -- that having a heart of gold is important to her. And that she does. She will give anyone anything, looks for opportunities to be a servant and tries to please. I'd be afraid of someone taking advantage of her but she's a tough little thing too. . .some boy someday is going to have his hands full! Her future husband needs our prayers NOW -- and yes, he gets them. It is important to pray for your child's future spouse because that is the person who will someday replace us as her immediate family. That will be another season. . .for now I cherish this time.


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