Mother's Day 2022

Our internet was out yesterday morning and the afternoon got away from me. . .so here's a Weekend Round-up on a Tuesday :). This is my current situation -- a few peonies from our backyard (they smell so good!) and a surprise Starbucks from Erin this morning.  I sent her out for lunch yesterday while I was finishing up a tennis practice match and she dropped my milkshake on her way through the lobby at the fitness club. This was her making it up to me :)
I very much want to create an office in our house but need the job first to justify taking up the space :). I'm being picky in my job search because I can (for now).  I'm getting used to the ebb-and-flow of the days and now measure any opportunities against, "would I be willing to give up my tennis groups for this job?".  There are some things that have come along that would have been an easy "yes" if I would have been the "right" person for the company/position but I have to say, very few ;). Part-time would be the best so we shall see.  Before I started this post I applied to 3-4 jobs. . .that is my daily average Monday-Wednesday. . .then I get bored and try to throw a few things out on Thursdays and Fridays -- I would say I put 10-20 hours into the endeavor each week.  I'm not unhappy that I left my previous job and am grateful our lifestyle is such that I can have this time to be home, blog, do some projects, and have an open schedule.  
Mother's Day was GREAT!  We did not have the promised beautiful weather that was expected, but since a lake trip wasn't planned anyway, it didn't matter.  We had to go to church in two cars (there were 8 of us!) so a few went on ahead to get the table at Aubrey's while we came in behind them.  Robert had a mimosa waiting for me!!  I'll take that over the Diet Coke I was expecting any day :)
They had previously FaceTimed me with Robert earlier in the week to give me my gift -- a pair of Birkenstocks.  I had purchased a knock-off at Costco and Stephen saw them on the counter and had Tom take them back before I knew they were gone.  I thought I was going crazy -- I had unloaded the car and headed straight back out and didn't think I had put them anywhere yet and couldn't find them :/. Anyway, the three younger ones happened to be home so they got their brother on FaceTime and gave me my REAL gift -- REAL Birkenstocks.  They really, really know me well :)
I wore them out the very next day and took a picture to thank them again.  On Sunday they gave me the other part -- a dress/pullover to wear at the lake.  Tom got his mom and Barbara hanging baskets again (I forgot a picture) and then I changed out some of the plants that came in my Costco mixture a couple weeks ago with a couple new ones:
This was my original mixture, but the one in the middle (with the great leaves) just didn't look like it liked being in that spot.
I brought that one inside and planted two new things, but I don't remember what they are. . .the purple ones in the middle (they should get tall) and another vine-y one on the side where I took out the flowers that seemed to not like the arrangement either.  Both seem to be doing much better now.
In the past the kids and Tom have always planted annuals in the ground for me but I've been trying to put as many perennials in that I can to keep things low-maintenance.  I love gorgeous landscaping. . .I just don't have the eye or green thumb (or desire) to keep it up like other projects.  I do love a few pots, though, and this urn has been a favorite find for me.
Like I said, we went to church -- all 8 of us! -- along with my friend that joined us.  Erin wanted a picture together afterwards -- two beauties and me :/
The three of us and one other friend (a mom that Erin knew who she introduced me to) had a Bible study together for awhile. . .then schedules got crazy. . .but we tried!!!  Glad we still see M at church most weeks.
Nancy was a lucky momma too -- her son and four grandchildren. . .only missing her daughter.
I {heart} this picture.
And my sister and niece were able to take my mom out also:
Ha!  Like mother-like-daughter -- we both wore black and white, even though we are over 200 miles apart!!
The other great part of the weekend was game night at our house Saturday.  This is the only picture I got
TWO games of Rummikub going on at the same time :). The kids were all in-and-out at various times as were Fred & Nancy and Tommy & Barbara.  I had invited a couple tennis friends over who like games and we had a TON of easy food.  We played this, Monopoly Deal, Euchre, and Bananagrams.  It was raining so Cornhole and Spike Ball did not make it out.  It was a fun night!  Here is a great option if you are looking for Rummikub as a gift or for your family.
Lastly, just before we called it a day on Sunday, Tom got a project done for me that has made me happy every time I have walked up-and-down our stairs this week:
Five years of Father's Days out on the lake.  I keep hoping I'll find more, but maybe this wasn't something we thought to do until they were older.  They have been in various places around the house and I'm glad we found a permanent spot for them.
I am so incredibly blessed and grateful to have MY mom and to BE a mom.  What a privilege it is.